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PPC Campaign

PPC Campaign

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Paid Marketing

At Go Ask, we’re not just about ads; we’re about turbocharging your online presence. We understand the power of targeted advertising. We’re dedicated to providing PPC campaign solutions that don’t just attract clicks but drive meaningful conversions.

What We Offer?

Why Go Ask?

Quick Results
Paid search advertising is a wonderful way for a company to obtain results quickly since it is possible to set up a campaign and immediately put it live.
Businesses are only required to pay when someone clicks on their advertisement; the total cost of the campaign is not covered by the fee.
Accomplish Your Business Goals
This is frequently the most compelling argument in favour of using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC may assist you in accomplishing a wide variety of business and marketing objectives.
Increase Sales
PPC may assist with many aspects of the sales funnel, which is the process that leads potential customers from being unaware of your company to make a purchase from you.
Use Data And Analyze It
If you don’t pay for your advertisement until someone clicks on it, you have complete control over how far your campaign will go and where the results will end up.
Flexible to conform to the needs of every company
PPC campaigns may be as large or as little as a company has the budget for, depending on how much they want to spend on marketing.

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Client Needs Understanding

We'll grasp your requirements first. Analyzing your site and accounts helps create a winning strategy for Ads, catering to Text, Display, and Video.

Maximum CPC Calculation

We calculate Max CPC based on profit per customer, profit margin, and website conversion rate to optimize cost-effectiveness.

Realistic Time Approach

We set realistic expectations for achieving results, avoiding overpromising or making false claims.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are crucial. About 80% of campaign success depends on them. We guide clients to enhance and refine their landing pages for better performance.